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The Precision Academy is committed to spreading the Precision Health approach to health and wellness through a variety of tools, courses, educational resources and more. With powerful partners, we are able to go beyond improving the health and wellness of our clients and take the lead in improving the health and wellness industry for all.

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AAFH Functional Medicine Course

The Precision Academy

The course offers a prestigious certification in functional medicine, allowing you to discover your patients’ hidden triggers of chronic disease with a comprehensive review of nutritional and lifestyle medicine, environmental chemicals, cellular dysfunction, and advanced Functional lab testing…


AAFH Functional Nutritional Coach

The Precision Academy

This self-paced online program covers nutritional medicine, metabolism, the gut microbiome, and herbal medicine for chronic diseases. Learn from clinical experts about functional medicine, hidden inflammation triggers, and the impact of diet, lifestyle, and environment on health…

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  • • Medical Doctors
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  • • Nutritionists
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  • • Certified Nutritional Health Coaches
  • • Students in the Medical Profession
  • • General Public
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  • • Fitness & gym coaches
  • • Health knowledge-seeking parents
  • • And anyone with a passion for good health!

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