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Precision Academy is proud to be the exclusive provider of the American Academy of Functional Health’s Functional Medicine Course in the Middle East, Africa & Turkey.

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A functional medicine course like no other:

The course offers a prestigious certification in functional medicine, allowing you to discover your patients’ hidden triggers of chronic disease with a comprehensive review of nutritional and lifestyle medicine, environmental chemicals, cellular dysfunction, and advanced Functional lab testing.



This course will teach you:

  • Advanced functional labs & treatment protocols
  • Detailed nutrition & herbal medicine modules
  • Triggers of chronic and inflammatory diseases
  • Practical clinical applications through case studies
  • Practice building & marketing strategies
  • Detailed supplementation recommendations

This course is perfect for:

  • • Medical Doctors
  • • Naturopathic Doctors
  • • Nurse Practitioners
  • • Pharmacists
  • • Nutritionists
  • • Physical Therapists
  • • Certified Nutritional Health Coaches
  • • Students in the Medical Profession

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    - Who is the course run by?

    This course is delivered and performed by the American Academy of Functional Health.

    + What is the difference between this program and other programs on Integrative or Functional Medicine?

    This program is focused on the clinical application of Functional and Integrative medicine. While most functional medicine courses take one to three years to complete, focus on theoretical knowledge, and cost over $15,000, the AAFH Functional Medicine Certification is affordable, clinical, and provides a comprehensive education that will provide you the tools to successfully help patients.

    + How do I complete the program?

    Each module is between 2 to 5 hours divided into several lectures (each between 20 to 30 minutes). At the end of each lecture, you pass a quiz to make sure that you understand the material. Once you complete all the modules, you receive a beautiful certificate delivered to your home or clinic and you will be added to the AAFH graduates’ directory.

    + Will I learn how to grow a Functional and Nutritional Medicine practice?

    Yes. The course includes specific modules on 3 essential parts of clinical success: Medical coaching to increase patients’ commitment and engagement Marketing in healthcare to attract your ideal client using free and paid strategies How to create Functional and nutritional medicine services (cash and insurance) to increase your revenue and get paid well for your (and your team) skills and time

    + Is this course open for non-healthcare practitioners?

    This course is not available for non-healthcare practitioners as it requires foundational understandings of anatomy and biomedicine. However, there are other available courses open for non-practitioners. If interested email [email protected].

    + What about more advanced speciality topics like depression, women’s health, cardiology and more?

    The Functional Medicine course has a range of speciality topics available for no additional charge on the platform. For a full list of the speciality topics available, email us at [email protected] or schedule a consultation call.

    + How long does this course take to complete?

    The course is completely self-paced and open 24/7 with no deadlines, so you can complete it as slowly or as quickly as you’d like. On average, the course takes approximately 6-12 months to complete.

    + What are the exams on this course like?

    All the exams on this course are completely online and open-book. The course focuses less on memorization and instead on practical case studies and encouraging you to apply the knowledge learned on the course.

    + Didn’t see your question above?

    Just contact us at [email protected] for more information.

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