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Precision Wellness Elevates Wellness Standards at Riyadh ECOSEPS Congress

Riyadh, KSA-25th April, 2024

Precision Wellness Zone, a pioneer in precision health and wellness solutions, proudly showcased its innovative offerings at the ECOSEP Congress in collaboration with MOVE, the first specialized sports medicine center in Saudi Arabia. The event, held in Riyadh from April 25th to 27th, 2024, brought together leading practitioners and organizations in sports and exercise medicine, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange in the field.

With a commitment to advancing the competency of sports medicine and enhancing public awareness, Precision Wellness Zone seized the opportunity to unveil cutting-edge technologies aimed at transforming health and wellness. Attendees at the Precision Wellness Zone booth were introduced to state-of-the-art machines including Photobiomodulation, Hydrogen Inhalation Therapy, and Sonic Vibration, each offering transformative benefits not only for sports medicine but also for overall well-being.

Among the highlights of the event were exceptional products like BIOFLEX Laser professional systems and the Nano Wave pod, showcasing Precision Wellness Zone’s dedication to providing holistic solutions for optimal health and alleviation of athletic performance. The Infrared and Red Light therapy devices that Precision Wellness, attracted significant attention from attendees seeking innovative ways to enhance their well-being, performance, and find a holistic solution for fast recovery from sports injuries and inflammation. Furthermore, Precision Health Group played a vital role by providing crucial tests including Gut Chex™, Cytokene Chex™, Age Chex™, FoodSens Chex™, and others in partnership with Agiomix Lab. This collaboration ensured accurate and timely test results. Working alongside Precision Wellness, these tests offer invaluable insights into individuals’ health profiles, enabling tailored treatment strategies and fostering holistic well-being.

Central to Precision Wellness Zone’s vision is a fundamental shift in the patient journey, emphasizing investigation, healing, and maintenance to address the root causes of diseases. By leveraging the latest technologies and personalized healthcare approaches, Precision Wellness Zone aims to deliver unparalleled patient care and empower individuals to take charge of their health and wellness.

“It was our pleasure to be sponsors at ECOSEP Congress at Riyadh KSA! We are excited to share that we had the privilege of showcasing our cutting-edge sports medicine and wellness technology at the 8th ECOSEP. Our commitment to excellence and innovation was on full display, and we’re proud to contribute to advancing the field of the wellness and sports medicine. We’re grateful to all visitors who stopped by our booth; explored our products and services and exchanged valuable insights in sports medicine and wellness. Connecting with fellow professionals and sharing knowledge is what makes events like ECOSEPS so impactful.”
Abdullah El Attar, Regional Sales Manager

The participation of Precision Wellness Zone at the ECOSEP Congress underscores its commitment to advancing sports medicine and promoting collaborative efforts within the industry. Through strategic partnerships and innovative solutions, Precision Wellness Zone continues to set new standards in wellness, shaping the future of healthcare in the region and beyond.

Precision Wellness looks forward to attending more exciting events, conferences and congresses to transform the industry for the better.

About Precision Health Group:

Precision Health is a leading provider of innovative health and wellness solutions, committed to enhancing the quality of life for individuals worldwide and taking them from illness to wellness and beyond. With an offering of cutting-edge therapies, customized wellness protocols, genetic and specialty testing and scientific solutions inspired by nature, Precision Wellness empowers individuals to achieve their health and wellness goals and live better, fuller lives.