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Precision Health Clinix Signs Exclusive Reseller Agreement of Training Courses with the American Academy of Functional Health

Precision Health announces partnership with the American Academy of Functional Health to bring about their training courses as part of their philosophy to develop and promote precision medicine and healthcare, precision wellness; and healthcare.

This development aims to provide doctors across the Middle East, Africa, and Turkey with enhanced accessibility to valuable knowledge, education, and insights. The goal is to empower healthcare professionals in understanding patients’ root causes and guiding them towards effective and successful long-term healing solutions.

“We believe that this partnership will allow us to provide knowledge, understanding and practical uses for all those that share our vision of helping people get better in the best ways. This powerful course is the first in many steps towards spreading our philosophy of healing people in natural, scientifically proven and long-lasting ways by looking beyond symptoms and discovering true root causes to promote true healing from within.”

Precision Health remains committed to advancing and pioneering growth and innovation in the dynamic field of health and wellness. This initiative marks a significant step forward in the clinic’s dedication to improving healthcare outcomes and creating a more patient-centric approach.