A novel and integrated approach to wellness as a whole.

At Precision Health we have a mission to re-define and realize Precision Wellness through applying sound precision, functional and integrative medical protocols, combining that with genetic and physical health, and employing well researched and established technologies and protocols to achieve true wellness for humanity, and we believe that maintaining wellness is the best way to achieve good health and prevent disease.

What Makes Us Different


Personalized, designed and optimized for results.

Evidence Based

Backed up by scientific research and speciality tests.

Unique Technologies

Our unique and rare technologies are sourced from around the world.

True Health Is A Precise Process

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Using proprietary lab testing, genetic reports and one-on-one assessments; we are able to provide a thorough discovery phase for your problems.


Both our primary care clinic and our wellness center offer tailored and unique healing options that are designed to improve your conditions.


Our Precision Companions maintain your health and wellness by handling your case personally and following up regularly on your progress.

We Understand The Challenges Of Modern Life

In today’s urban environment,
sedentary lifestyles and busy
work lives give rise to
unprecedented health and
wellness challenges.


High levels of physical inactivity and dehydration; diabetes and insulin resistance on the rise.


Sunlight scarcity, mineral deficiency from processed foods, increase in hypoxic (oxygen-starved) tissues.


Rise of exhaustion & chronic fatigue, immunity & joint problems & chronic viral infections.


Increasing genetic variants, cancer affecting more than 30-50% of humanity.


Gut problems affecting more than 60% of humanity and poor diet habits.

21st Century Healthcare:
A collective frustration.

The conventional and even functional approach to medicine has unfortunately fallen short in rising up to these challenges. Many of us have been let down and disappointed by the current state of healthcare. We decided to embark on this journey to bridge the gaps and close the rift between all practitioners within the field to come up with a novel and integrated approach to wellness as whole.


A Journey with a Guide:
Meet Your Companion

At Precision Health, our clients work with “Wellness Companions”, we have health and fitness companions. Our companions spend the necessary time to learn about our clients problems, goals and needs, whether our clients want to optimize their sports performance, lose weight, or tackle a complex or a chronic medical issue, our companions will work with them to deeply understand their condition and goals and then work with a team of experts and licensed professionals in their fields to come up with the right plan to step forward along the path of wellness to help them achieve their goals.

Talk To A Companion




We use the healing and miraculous properties of light in a variety of exciting and new ways to facilitate natural healing.



The air that we breathe is key to our overall health and wellness. By focusing on providing mineral rich and clean air solutions, we’re able to transform your health for the better.



The basis of all life on earth: H2O. By using the healing capabilities of Hydrogen and Oxygen, we are able to unlock true wellness.



Deficient soil breeds deficient food: we offer the top supplements on the market, like our Kiseki which combines meticulously prepared superfoods into a a drink with magnificent healing powers.



Heat is what keeps the body going: Our Infrared Sauna uses a combination of heat and infrared light to promote detoxification, cellular healing, metabolic activation and more.


Here’s what our clients have to say:

Before starting my Photobiomodulation sessions, my oxidative stress levels were high, as confirmed by the OxiStress Chex (Oxidative stress test). After just seven sessions, my sleep improved, and I retested—results were amazing. My oxidative stress is now low. This therapy has been transformative, and I highly recommend it for anyone looking to enhance their well-being.

- Munazza M -

I’ve been dealing with a hormonal imbalance, and I’ve found relief through red light therapy, hydrogen inhalation, and oxygen contrast training. After consistent sessions for six weeks, I’ve noticed significant improvements. I feel more focused, sleep better, and my hormonal imbalance symptoms are decreasing.

- Fabiola B. -

Had a foot muscle injury from basketball, and my doctor said it would heal naturally in 2 months. Mr. Rob introduced me to PBM. After a few sessions, pain reduced significantly, and within a month, I was 90% recovered. Sleep improved too—now getting a solid 8 hours, even more on weekends. PBM made a big difference!

- Ryan R. -

I suffered from neck, back pain, and constant headaches for more than 10 years. Tried everything and I’ve been told that surgery or living with pain killers are my only options. Until I discovered Precision Wellness. Their personalized treatment changed everything. After the first session, immense relief! My neck’s never felt better, and I’ve been painkiller-free for a month. Grateful for this new lease on life. Thank you, Precision Wellness.

- Noha A. -

We’re well-connected:
You can be too.

Our group has been in the field of science and technology for over 15 years and we are proud to have unique and direct connections to a wide array of expert professionals and business that can help facilitate our vision of full body health and wellness. With Precision Health, you only need to make one stop to begin your health, fitness and wellness journey.